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Ignite Boston

The Most Important Aspect of Our Business is Trust.

It is the goal of our firm to have 100% client satisfaction in regards to quality, friendliness,

time to completion and to discover new ways to exceed the expectations of our clients.


Power in the palm of your hand– at the counter, at the table, or on the go.

Portable devices are packed with all the features of a full POS system.

. . .

Everything you need to run your business smarter, faster, easier.

 0% Cost (No Fee) Processing,

 Flat Rate & Wholesale Plus Programs

Merchant service.png

Restaurant, Retail, E-Commerce, Mobile, High Risk, Cash Advance,  & Other Solutions.

  • Next Day Funding.

  • Take payments over the phone or at your computer.

  • Bill customers via email or text message.

  • Use your phone or tablet as a full-featured point-of-sale.

High Risk? No Problem!
We offer competitive options for payment processing at all risk levels

A high-risk merchant can be any company that sells products within a niche market, be it online or in physical stores. Travel agencies, adult stores, SaaS providers, dating websites, firearms dealers, and other unique verticals fall into this category.


Ready to receive the solutions and support you and your business deserve?
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