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Cash Discount Program

Zero Cost ( No Fees ! )  Processing

By now, you are probably aware of the rising popularity of Cash Discount programs as a way to offset your merchant service fees. 

A Cash Discount program is a method of implementing a service fee to all customers who pay with a card, while providing a discount to those who pay with cash. 

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Guidelines and Requirements

The card associations have strict guidelines on how a Cash Discount program must be implemented.

The essential steps being :

1) Correct signage must be posted at the door and check out

2) The amount of the added service fee must be clearly displayed on the receipt and

3) Offering your customers a cash discount verbally. Even though gas stations post different prices, as a retailer it is not necessary to do so.


The posted prices are considered cash prices and the signage allows for a fee if the payment is not made with cash.

In order to be compliant, merchants with a Cash Discount Program need to display the Base Amount of the transaction, the Cash Discount, and the Total Cost of the transaction on the customers’ receipt (see below).


The credit card payment industry is a daunting and confusing world to navigate. You’ve got the banks, your customers, payment processors, and credit card companies all looking out for themselves – and it’s often the hard-working merchant that gets caught in the middle of it all.


It’s time to take the reins back
and hire a payment processor that works for you.

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