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For Dine In


Easy Ordering

IPos allows waiters to quickly place orders by seat number,
easily convey to the kitchen the customers’ special requests, and much more!
We help minimize time away from attending to the 
customers and increasing order accuracy.

Coursing Control

Manage when entrees are sent to the kitchen so they can be brought out at the perfect time, 
increasing customer satisfaction and overall impression

Table Management

A great tool for the hostess - keep updated on the status of each table.
Know when all items have been served, when customers have asked for the checks,
and when tables have been cleared for the next party.

Kitchen Control

Have an unlimited number of kitchen printers and preset which menu items and modifiers are sent to 
which printers. IPos keeps up with the most complex and intricate kitchen operations.

Happy Hour

Have IPos manage special happy hour prices so they begin and end at precisely
the right times and days.

Discount Management

During special promotional events, automatically provide discounts for special items or menu 
sets. This is a great way to introduce to customers new dishes!

Menu Modifiers

Are there common menu modifications to certain dishes?
IPos menu modifiers make it fast and easy to cover all potential customer requests
so waiters do not need to manually type in each modifier

For The Bar


Quick Bar

The quick bar format makes it fast for bartenders to
input 0rders - whether it is a martini or on the rocks,
IPos will make sure the correct amount is charged without overburdening the bartenders 
with unnecessarily complex ordering steps.

Split Checks

Divide check payments on multiple credit cards and other payment methods
by average or by specific items.

Manage Bar Tabs

Organize the tabs by using customer credit cads to record their names on their tabs.
Also, take deposits for the security of the bar.

Track Bartender Activity

Providing complimentary drinks is the most common way for bartenders
to build a loyal customer base but let IPos keep track of how many complementary
they are giving to ensure it is not being abused.

Pick Up & Delivery


Quick Service

Quick Service combines the Sales page and the Checkout page,
making it one smooth transaction. Simplify the menu to just the takeout items so waiters can
keep up with customers on the phone.

Allow phone calls to come through the POS so customer data automatically populates - including 
their order history, internal notes, and preferences.

Takeout Pricing

Easily manage takeout prices that are different from regular prices
without adjustments on the waiter’s part.

Kitchen Display

For high volume quick service restaurants, a kitchen display
is the best way to show orders in advance and to minimize order errors in the kitchen.
From the chef to the packager, everyone knows 
what each customer ordered.

Track Drivers

Track which orders are out for delivery and which have been completed.

IPos is also integrated with Google Maps so delivery routes can be planned out in advance.

Customer Data Storage

Pull up customer addresses and people associated with them by phone number.

This speeds up finding customer information without them having
to recite it every-time they place an order.

Manage Payments

Manage which payments have already been completed over the phone
and which ones were collected by the driver.

When the driver returns,
 IPos tells the Manager how much is expected from each driver
either at the end of every return or at the end of the shift.

Delivery Instructions

Save specific delivery instructions for each customer in their profile. Print them out on delivery 
tickets and receipts so there are no directions loss in the process.

More Information

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs are the best way to build a loyal customer base.
Provide incentives via visit frequency or purchase amount to attract more customers.
IPos also allows restaurants to create tiered loyalty programs.

Email Alerts

Managers do not constantly have to be in the restaurant with IPos.
They can receive automatic emails to help keep track of restaurant operations.
For example, easily know how much sales was made in each shift.

Employee Tracking

IPos helps employers keep track of employee time cards, sales, and tips.
Create tip pools so the POS calculates the amount each employee made.
At the end of the night, there is no longer a need to calculate the tips for each employee
or to manually keep track of how many hours each person has worked.


With our comprehensive reports, IPos covers all the operational and financial data restaurant
 owners will need to know to understand the health of their business.
Reports can be generated on demand according to the necessary time and date ranges.

EMV Semi-Integration

IPOS is EMV Semi-Integrated to allow restaurant owners to not only be compliant with
all federal credit card regulations but also protect themselves from credit card fraud.
Each transaction is completed within 4 seconds on average,
causing no delay to the busy rhythm of the restaurant.

Other Products
Central Office

The IPos Central Office is the ultimate out-of-office tool for restaurant managers
as well as for multi-location restaurant owners. Receive real-time data right on your home computer
for each restaurant on everything from sales down to the number of each item sold.

Tablet Software

The tablet software is a waiter’s best friend.
Now, they can place orders straight from the table to the kitchen and not break stride
while attending from table to table.
There is no better way to increase the speed and efficiency of the staff.

online store.jpg

Web Ordering

For customers who wish to order in advance,
IPos provides a web ordering platform that is fully integrated with the restaurant’s
POS stations and kitchen printers.

Use the website to showcase all the best that your restaurant offers
and attract more customers.


Self-Ordering Kiosk

Go completely or partially automated with either the standing kiosk or table-side tablet.
Not only will it cut down on staff dependency,
it also gives the customers the freedom to explore the menu  in depth at anytime.

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