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Digital Signage Plans

Find the right digital signage plan for you

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 design, schedule and display content on screens affordably & professionally through the web.

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Basic Plan

$ 18


Best for businesses getting started with digital signage

It Includes :

  • All Types of Media

  • Web pages, YouTube & Live Streams

  • 70+ Apps / Integrations

  • 500+ Content Layouts (Templates)

  • Build Playlists & Schedule Content

  • Screen Layout in Multiple Zones/Regions

  • Interactive Kiosk App

  • Design stunning visuals for your digital signage with ease using our App on Canva.

Annual plan includes:

IBoston player plus (4GB)

Premium Plan

$ 24


Best for businesses with advanced analytics and content needs

Includes Everything in Basic Plus :

  • Premium Microsoft Apps (Teams Channel, Sharepoint News)

  • Premium Data Apps (Grafana, Tableau)

  • Tag-based Playlists & Sub-Playlists

  • Playback Reports (Proof of Play)

  • Add Lockable Layouts

  • Advanced Media Scheduling

  • Interactive Playlist

  • Public API (Coming Soon)

Annual plan includes:

IBoston player plus (4GB)

Enterprise Plan

$ 29


Best for organizations with advanced user management and security needs

Includes Everything in Premium Plus :

  • Workspaces for content or screen management access

  • Workspace Hierarchies

  • Custom User Roles & Permissions

  • SSO integration via SAML

  • Login IP & Password Restrictions

  • Player Lockdown & Storage Encryption

  • Support (downtime & response time)

  • Audit Logs

Annual plan includes:

IBoston player plus (4GB)

It’s Time to Take The Reins
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